Terry Tate in one of his best moments

"Woo Baby!"Edit

"Terrible" Terry Tate is an office linebacker, with his main purpose being to tackle coworkers that are being incredibly lazy or breaking the rules.  On multiple occasions he has been known to pull off amazing acrobatic and athletic tackles, most of which may seem excessive, but hey, they've got record high productivity, so what the hell do I know? He also enjoys dancing and tackling RUC Recuits to scare them straight out of the cult. His first appearence was on AB's stream, which was Spiffys(The author of this article) attempt to make up for sending so much DSP.

Super Powers(?)Edit

-Incredible Speed

-Incredible Strength


-The ability to home in on lazybodies

-The innate ability to know when something wrong is happening

All of the terry tate videos-020:18

All of the terry tate videos-0

Terry Tate in all of his best escapades

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