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Stream character
Name Adolfo Mateo
Origin Youtube
Introduced in Unknown
Features Iron Lungs

Incomprehensible Speech Hats Your Friend From Argentine

Skills Smoking Thousands of Cigars Without Dying

Adolfo Mateo is a Youtube User who became popular for his strange videos.

History Edit

The channel originates from when Bern linked Mike to Adolfo's videos. He was surprised at the amount of videos he had of him smoking. So it became a running gag that he has iron lungs due to him still being alive after smoking so much.

His channel can be found here

His Strange Videos Edit

They usually consist of him smoking and possibly talking. There are quite a few of them.

Iron lungsEdit

GOD ALMIGHTY, THE GREAT ADOLFO MATEO SURVIVES THE SMOKINGS AND THE DRESSINGS AND THE COWBOY HATS. Adolfo Mateo conquers all of the physical realm, and has moved on to the spiritual realm to fight and defeat the spirit of death itself, DEATH. FOR HE HAS CONQUERED EVEN CANCER, FROM SMOKING SO MUCH AND SHIT.


And now a word from our sponsorEdit

Thank you, by very good message my friend; the friend, of Argentine

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