This an archive of all of Ambush_Bug's streams. This was created in response to him being banned from twitch and also to preserve some good times we had in these streams.

Here's spot's contribution:

So aptly titled, by the way. Fucking fascist police state is right.

Redbear's Contribution, Waxworks stream:

These two are kinda considered superfluous now that we have all the highlights on twitch, but fuck it; Keeping it anyway because these two are awesome people who tried to help out in a time where we thought we couldn't get most of this stuff back. A real big kudos to spot and redbear for pitching in on the archiving efforts.

Like with mike's streams, the parts are sometimes out of order, so you might have to fish around to get the right order sometimes. Not much we can do there. Without further ado, look back and enjoy:

August 2013:

August 16th "Monaco Stream":

October 2013:

October 18th "Elvira II Longplay with Flash Crashing!":

November 2013:

November 4th "The Curse of Monkey Island Stream":

November 25th "Typical Twitch Quality":

February 2014:

February 1st "My Return":

May 2014:

May 26th "A very Special Stream ft. Mikennemonic":    

June 2014:

June 1st: "Spooks and Gonzo: A Wild Ride":

June 24th: "The Denko Saga Aka King sends Gold":

July 2014:

July 4th "Hotel Dusk Stream Part 1":

July 7th "Hotel Dusk Stream Part 2":

July 8th Hotel Dusk Stream Part 3:

July 9th "Hotel Dusk Stream Part 4":

July 11th "Hotel Dusk Stream Part 5":

July 14th "Quality Room Hour Ft. Spotxspot":

July 18th "Hotel Dusk Stream Part 6 (Final)"

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Part 1:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Part 2:

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Part 3:

Metal Gear Solid 2 Stream Part 1:

Metal Gear Solid 2 Stream Part 2:

July 25th, 2014 "MGS 2 Stream part 3":

July 28th, 2014 "MGS 2 Stream Part 4":


Metal Gear Solid 3 MLG:

August 2014:

August 4th "Futurama Stream Part 1":

August 5th "Futurama Stream Part 2":

August 15th" Metal Gear Portable Ops Stream Part 3"

August 18th "Kyle Hyde's Homecoming Part 1 "

August 19th "Kyle Hyde's Homecoming Part 2"

August 22nd "Kyle Hyde's Homecoming Part 3"

August 25th "Kyle Hyde's Homecoming  Part 4"

August 26th "Kyle Hyde's Homecoming Part 5"

August 29th "Metal Gear Portable Ops Stream Part 1"

September 2014:

September 1st "Metal Gear Portable Ops Strem Part 2"

September 2nd "FFVI Stream Part 1"

September 5th "FFVI Part 2":

September 8th "FFVI Part 3":

September 9th "FFVI Part 4":

September 12th "FFVI Part 5":

September 15th "FFVI Part 6":

September 16th "FFVI Part 7":

September 19th "Star Trek Borg Stream Part 1":

September 19th "Star Trek Borg Stream Part 2":

September 23rd: "Corpse Killer Stream"

September 26th "Double Feature Stream Part 1":

September 29th: "Broken Sword Stream Part 1":

September 30th "Broken Sword stream parts 2,3 and 4":

October 2014: October 3rd "Double Feature Stream Part 2":

October 3rd "After Stream Kawaii Manchildren, Satan, and BULL E DEMISE":

October 6th: "Wing Commander":

October 6th "After Stream - Cameo, Ass Flute, Voodoo and Ponies":

October 7th "Phantasmagoria":

October 10th "Mundane Office Dreaming Tree Spook Simulator 2014":

October 14th "Elvira Mistress of the Dark":

October 14th "After Stream - Unaired COMEDY, Cringe & Bully demise" :

October 15th "After Stream - Prank Calls, Peppers, Russian Drives and Bully Demise":

October 17th "Uninvited Stream"

October 17th "After Stream - Fedora Eggs White Knights Ponies and Sexist Asshats"

October 17th "The Life and Times of Bull E & EIT Rap" (Ignore the url date. It's wrong because I suck, lol)

October 19th "It came from the Desert"

October 19th "Let's Watch Persona (1-7)"

October 19th "Let's Watch Persona (Part 8-12)"

October 19th "The Life and Times of Bull E De Nice (2K14)"

October 20th, It came from the Desert II, some Choice of the Deathless, Persona parts 13-15 and some Bull E De Nice

October 21st, Prisoner of Ice, Choice of the Deathless, Persona Parts 16-20 Ft. DUFF MCWHALEN, and more Bull E De Nice

October 23rd, 2014 "7th Guest, Cringe and Spooks, Double Feature, Rapping Spawn of Satan"

October 24th, "11th Hour, Now that's what I call cringe ft. rage"

October 27th "Nighttrap, Not Scarecam, DAVE" (Sadly this one is real outta whack. First you should watch the night trap, then the scare cam, and finally DAVE continued)

October 28th, "Lawnmowerman, Choices of the Deathless and more spooks"

October 30th, "Lava Morus"

October 31st, "Costume Quest" (One of my favorite streams for some reason)

November 2014:

November 3rd "Crash Bandicoot Stream":

November 3rd "After Stream - The Shocking Truht of Worlds, Choice of the Deathless & Bully's Saga":

November 4th "Crash Bandicoot 2 stream":

November 4th "After Stream - Joel Impression by Psguitraist7 and Vinesauce"

November 4th "Crash Bandicoot 3 Stream"

November 4th "After Stream - More Joel Impressons, Skellyboners and Booy Boot Legggs":

November 10th "Fear Effect Stream Ft Scarface the Cat":

November 10th "After Stream - Vinny Suffers Modern Music":

November 11th "Fear Effect 2 + Death Reel and FE - Inferno Stream "

November 11th "The End of Bully's Saga"

November 14th. Labyrinth and Ratatoing Stream (In odd format; Give a day or two for it to convert to a better format):

November 17th, Snowjob and assorted afterhours material (ignore the 10-17; Mistake on my part)

November 18th, "Monkey Island, Anal Vore, Ai Tenchi Muyo

November 21st, Escape from monkey island, after stream, animation hour with Transformers and Tenchi

November 24th, ME!ME!ME! Reaction and Loony Toons Lost in Time stream part 1/7:

Final Stream before Sammy Shiteater came along and decreed that no fun was allowed:

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