Crystals1986 (Real name Damian) is a DeviantArt user that has had his art displayed on many streams. His account is no longer active.

Discovered (Can be date or specific/general stream)

Long Fingers

Other stuff Real name Damian
Other attributes


Mike was just browsing through DeviantArt and making fun people's artwork on a stream. He found a picture depicting anorexic-looking anthropomorphic pony version of some people. After mocking the artwork, he decided to take a look at the artist's gallery and found that it was all bizarre. So he kept up with the newly released artwork for months after.

Unfortunately, his friend Roger has died, which has caused him to abandon his deviantart account.


Damian's artwork consists of thin-bodied freaks with disgustingly long fingers. The pieces of art usually depict him in a hospital getting "treated" with crystals for some unknown disease. The crystals make his fingers long, supposedly. There are also other characters featured in his drawings such as Handia the Troll OC, his friend Roger, or humanized versions of MLP characters. He sometimes features other people like Abe Lincoln. 


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