David Pic

The pony that was his Profile Pic for a while.

David is a stream regular and former mod. 


Likes to overreact to things.

His old profile pic


He began chatting around 2013. He started off in chat as just anther stream regular, but he became more well known as time went on. He was a brony and a furry, though nobody minded that much. Mike would usually bug David by pairing him with Bern. He created a Mikennemonic wiki that was heavily vandalized and abandoned.

Mike decided one day to make David a mod, claiming to have done it just to piss Bern off. Many people though he used is mod powers irresponsibly. Later on he was de-modded.

He would often get very upset over Mike being insensitive and rude, taking his mean-spirited jokes seriously. He would leave saying he's not going to come back. He would then return the next week after Bern would convince him to or he would forgive Mike on his own. He revealed that he had a girlfriend and his Skype profile picture showed the two together. He got very angry at the people in the chat for apparently insulting her and bitterly made jabs at Mike. Unaffected, he continued on with the stream. On that same night, Mike once again went through made fun of people on DeviantArt. This caused David to reach his boiling point and he said he would never return to the stream. After this occurred, Hatter and Mike decided to perma-ban David because they thought he was too sensitive to be in Mike's stream.

In 2015 she was unbanned and presumably made up with Mike. She was revealed to be transgender at this point.