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Stream character
Name Fat Swordsman

Bbillyk Will Keith

Origin Youtube
Introduced in The You Testament Stream(?)
Features Fatness

Guile's Theme


Weapons Expertise NINJA SKILLZ

The Fat Swordsman is a Youtuber that has become become well known in Mike's streams. 

History Edit

Like usual, Timely sent Mike a barrage of links on weekend, and one just so happened to be fat swordsman. Mike greatly enjoys the videos and would proceed to watch them for many streams. Mike also found Billy's website in which he looked at the shop for knives and other weapongs along with having flash games. Mike would usually play Guile's Theme to make the videos more epic.

At one point he was on hiatus from making videos due to him having testicular cancer. He eventually returned to making videos.

His VideosEdit

Most of his videos consist of him cutting some form of water bottle with a sword or knife. Usually in over-the-top and varied ways. 

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