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The forums is a message board created for stream viewers.

Old ForumsEdit

The first forums were made by a lurker who went by the name Dalek. He eventually jumped ship and left behind the forum while people were still using the forum. Problems arose because there was no moderation or administration, trolls were allowed to run rampant, and the themes he picked were undesirable. Lambda eventually created a new forum to replace this one.

At this point the old forum became a safe ground for trolls to talk without fear of being banned. In May of 2015, the forums were closed down due to a lack of mods and so much shitposting.

The dead forums

New ForumsEdit

These forums were made so they could be better moderated. There was more features available such as images for names, music player, and original themes.

The new forums, this link exists for the majority of you to ignore

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