What happens when you have no life

Name Gorillz
First Appearance One of Glack's Streams
Gimmick Complaining About the Gaming Industry


Activity Very rare
Gorillz was one of the first of many trolls after Albert was banned.


Glack was streaming and Gorillz came in to complain to Bern about her taste in games. He proclaimed what he was saying was the "harsh truth".

In a November pre-stream Foamyfoamdis appeared in chat and was probably Gorillz with a different handle. He acted sort of reasonable at first, then talked about how much Japanese games suck. After he said he was going to bring up an article about the state of gaming that's when he blew his own cover and got banned.

After this, when someone in chat is elitist about their opinion on videogames, they will be considered a monkey. This is caused by Gorrilz's name.


All he does is complain about the gaming industry and try to give stream viewers evidence for why it's going downhill. He does this mostly by attempting to link videos and articles, but he usually gets banned before he can get a chance to.

With lots of game relating news related to people attacking others for stupid reasons, Bern discussing the community of Gamefaqs, and even a few elitist trolls in the chat, people like to call them "True Gamers" and have them be monkeys, possibly due to Gorillz's name.


Gorillz giving you the middle finger when he realized you enjoy a game he doesn't.


If you actually think you can have a discussion with this guy, you're an idiot who probably eats poop or something.

That is an objective fact btw.