Hitbox is a streaming site.

It has become an alternative site that the entire stream migrated to after the Ambush Bug banning incident.

It's not as bad as Twitch mainly because the threat of IP banning disorderly chatters. So the RUC and other trolls have yet to appear in the chats. Except for a few in Mike's chat, since he doesn't pay enough attention to the chat to IP ban trolls. However, it has a problem with splitting your streams into several different parts without your notice.

Mike tried to stream there due to disliking Twitch's fondness to mute the streams. For a while Mike's Hitbox streams went smoothly. That is up until an admin came and told him to stop streaming non-gaming content. In response Mike put down "Playing a shitty FMV game" on said video, prompting the admin to ban him. Thus Mike returned to Twitch.

Spot and AB were having problems with posting images in chat in April of 2015. Spot's stream resolved the issue a day later.

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