Jabberjaw by Sergio by slappy427

Jabberjaw is one of the core members of the Radioactive Uber Clan. Like the rest of the RUC, he hasn't been seen since their Hiatus


The RUC's wiki claims that Jabberjaw was about to be molested and tortured by a masked demon before the RUC saved him.

What truly happened that witnesses of the actual event report that he was actually getting a check-up by a vet, when cartoon characters busted into the room and beat the vet up pretty badly I might add, he was a pretty nice guy and didn't charge too much for his services. They took Jabberjaw with him and he joined their clan.


From what could be gathered from his, he has a MASSIVE ego and is just as delusional as the rest of the clan when it comes to demon demon demonic demons and hero hero heroic heros or whatever. Nothing new here.

But his ego man, his ego is what makes him so unique compared to the other members. It's difficult to describe without showing you, so just click the link above.

Also, he LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES shoes, make sure to send him lots of those,


He's got a more active role than the rest of the members. While they just pop into the chat to threaten Mike and get banned afterwards, Jabberjaw runs the RUC's wiki. He also answered questions on the (link above) before the hiatus.


He's very sad about Merlin's death, like the rest of the clan, which is weird because they treated him like shit before. He tried to rape Bern because she was accused of killing Merlin even though he actually died from old age.

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