Discovered 2013 You Testament stream
Shtick God, Immortality, Powerhouse, Manliness
Other stuff Fireballs, Chakra, Wrestling
Other attributes

Jebidiah is a character made by Mike from The You Testament.

Personality and backstoryEdit

He is one bad motherfucker, but who could blame him? People in the Roman Times just keep pretending to be friends with you and shit then they start beating you up for no reason. Not to mention turning down someone's offer makes them want to kill you and shit, no wonder Ol' Jeb's so fucked up. He's out for revenge man, and he's coming for you, ready to become one with Satan and blasting fireballs and setting shit on fire. God damn he is one bad motherfucker.

Jesus's DisciplenesslinessEdit

He is Jesus's not-so-loyal disciple since he likes beating the shit out of him all the time. Because he is one bad motherfucker.


He's murdered a bunch of people and shit with the powers of wrestling and fireballs. So of course the Roman soldiers are going to arrest him for that (well, actually they usually arrest him for... no good reason, really) and gets sent to some place with some other criminal and the people will decide who gets punished, and who gets freed, for some reason because you can't just punish both criminals, you have to punish one of them and release the other I love the justice system.

Well anyways he usually gets freed because thievery is a much more heinous crime than murder... well, there was that one time the people decided against him but he didn't get crucified because he's too much of a bad motherfucker for that, so they chopped off his hand only for him to grow it right back because he's one bad motherfucker.

Wrestling RevolutionEdit

A lifetime after Jebidiah's holy journey Jebidiah has decided to join a Mexican wrestling circuit to spread Jesus's word. Jebidiah lied to get in by saying he's only 25 but shortly afterwards he began to dominate the wrestling scene. His rival is Dick Swagger.

Prison Life for a Drug LordEdit

After squashing more Jobbers than Bill Goldberg, Jebidiah grew bored with wrestling under not-Vince McMahon and not-Eric Bischoff.  He decided to create his own wrestling promotion and sold his performers anabolic steroids to ensure the pecs grew big.  Not-McMahon totally ratted out Jebidiah to the DEA, because Benoit and shit...

Anyways the DEA gave Jebidiah a deal where he would serve 30 days of HARD TIME, while allowing Jeb to run the prison.  Thus far, Jebidiah has gotten away with the serial murders of officers and prisoners alike, possession of firearms, explosives, and contraband, shitting himself, escaping prison on a motorcycle, and anything else he wants to do because he bought out the Judges long ago.

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