L.A. Beast
LA Beast
Discovered January 2014 Hard Times Stream
Shtick Competitive Food Eater

Injury Prone

Other stuff Vomiting

Own Rap Song

Other attributes

The L.A Beast (Understandably confused with Alan Beast) is a Youtuber that has appeared in many streams for his videos.

His Videos Edit

The videos usually consist of the Beast eating something inedible or painful and ending up in the hospital. Mike enjoys seeing him in pain and because he uploads weekly, he has gotten into a habit of watching his videos often.

He has performed many challenges and failed 90% of them, including balut, cactus, drinking honey with a beard of bees, crystal pepsi, gummy bears, chicken nuggets, cheeseburger in a can, slim jims, and even his own shoe.

There was even a time when he injured himself so bad that even Mike and the chat could barely handle it. When he slipped on butter trying to deliver Christmas presents he almost slices his toe off, resulting him in going to the hospital.

Later on he tried to make dry ice which resulted in him putting his hand in it and somehow botched the experiment, resulting in him burning his entire hand, shoving his hand in the toilet, and going to the hospital yet again.

Trivia Edit

-He brought Crystal Pepsi back

-His first name is Kevin

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