McWhimple is a character that is beloved to stream viewers. He is the purest boi (or old man who knows I can't fucking tell) who doesn't deserve what happens to him. Too bad his corpse is wasting away somewhere after being pushed into a garbage disposal bin by someone trying to catch a legless loli.

Stream History Edit

Mike played Mutant League Football and was playing as a boring team nobody cares about. He used the team to play against the Sixty-Whiners and killed enough of their players to have them forfeit. Mike then chose to play as a the Sixty-Whiners to see their coach. He then met McWhimple and the two quickly became friends, even though he's a fictional videogame character.

Discovered March 22nd 2013 Genesis Stream.
Shtick Hopelessness

Coach of the Sixty Whiners

Other stuff Getting the shit beaten out of him
Other attributes

Football CareerEdit

Mcwhimple is a football coach and he's a wimp. Thus his entire team is comprised of wimps. Giants wimps.

He coaches the team The Sixty-Whiners. They're so terrible at football. That's what happens when one of your players are named Cupcake. They are the worst players in the history of the Mutant League. Poor McWimple will never see his team win unless they are being controlled by a great player.

There's also the wiener hockey team, but nobody can remember their name. They suck almost as bad as the Sixty-Whiners.

There may have also been a basketball game with McWhimple. Nobody cares enough to check.

Domestic AbuseEdit

Despite being a husband and possible father, he's not the one doing the beating. In fact, it's his wife who beats on him. The guy not only coaches a shitty football, hockey, and possible basketball team, he also gets beat by a woman. He can't even tell her to go back to the kitchen, because that's where she gets her weapons. Though he will never man up and fight back, because he will always be a pussy baby. All he can do is turn into an anthropomorphic bird pony man and fly above the clouds to avoid his wife. Fucking wimp.

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