As the streams go on, people begin to make Fangames of Mike and the streams or at least thought of it.


Bern was the first to come up with a Mike fangame. An RPG Maker game to be exact Mike himself was initially against the idea thinking it'd be "bad". After a while people warmed up to it and begun to make their own fangames as a result.

There has been no known info other than it has been restarted from scratch.


Default is in the process of making another Mike RPG. Unlike Bern, there has been significant progress and sometimes he streams himself working on it.


Spot ended up making a tech demo Diablo-esque Mike clone game to test out Gamemaker involving Mike going through hoards of Radioactive Uber Clan members before eventually going against the only boss of the game: Fat Swordsman.

Spot also made a "Ban Albert simulator" in which you gotta ban Albert or the other RUC members without losing track of them or banning someone else.


A fan by the name of "SkyrimShyrim" has been known to make fangames off the site GameGonzo. Usually they involve bouncing head sprites of Mike and friends(and enemies) in very weird situations with horribly unfitting music(A remix of U.N. Owen was Her for an LA beast game, Death metal for an Albert game, Psycho music for an LA vs Alan Beast game, etc).

The link can be found here:


Someone ended up making a Mike RPG Maker game first hand whom linked it in the original TV Tropes page. It was horribly short, used generic RTP assets with everyone using sprites that don't fit them(Mike being a man with a mustache, Bern being a Nun, Glack being a skeleton, etc), everyone was OOC, and it was obvious that the user had no experience with RPG Maker.

Spiffy also wants to make a Mike RPG. There has been no known info other than a quick demo that got hit by VX Aces Music Glitch.

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