With Mike having began his content production years ago, some of it remains on, practically unsorted. This list was created as a sort of viewer's guide to Mike's twitch streams, letting even those who have no idea how the hell they ended up here have a clear picture of what Mike has done for the public.

The record of his twitch activity in 2011 is marginal, but it remains.

How this list worksEdit

Each entry is organized in this manner:

Twitch rec. ID: The stream's twitch recording ID (to view the video, go to[twitch ID])
Date and Time: Self-explanatory. Taken from twitch.
Title: The title Mike has given to the archived video.
Length: Duration of the video.
Description: Mike's given description to the video page.
Summary: Brief recount of the stream's events.

January 2011Edit

Twitch rec. ID: 277108621
Date and Time: Fri Jan. 7th 18:33:39 GMT-6:00
Title: Streaming VVVVVV!
Length: 02:27:00
Description: none
Summary: Mike checks to see if he has LSD saves, but doesn't play it, instead going through VVVVVV for a couple hours. He plays Star Guard later on.

Twitch rec. ID: 277127292
Date and Time: Sat. Jan. 8th 00:59:21 GMT-6:00
Title: Still streaming.
Length: 01:50:10
Description: none
Summary: Mike gets Skypes, plays Braid, then keeps chatting on Skype. He plays Pandemic 2 after a while, then draws an eye with scribblertoo before turning in.

Twitch rec. ID: 277561455
Date and Time: Fri Jan. 14th 22:06:07 GMT-6:00
Title: Streaming The Note
Length: 05:35:20
Description: none
Summary: Mike plays the PSX game The Note. For nearly four hours. He later plays Homestuck flash games and watches an ICP video. The rest of the stream is him goofing around with the emulator in the background. It ends with a timely innuendo of him and Luke Nuetzmann going to bed together.

April 2011Edit

Twitch rec. ID: 283288271
Date and Time: Sat Apr. 9th 00:13:45 GMT-5:00
Title: Testing
Length: 00:46
Description: none
Summary: Mike plays Super Meat Boy for nearly a minute with no commentary There are Skype noises in the background.

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