A user who should have had a page at this point.

Odyro was a chat user from 2013-2015 who appeared in Mikes and others chat fairly regularly. He is also known for being one of the first stream archivers who would put Mikes and others archived recordings on the Forums. Around late 2013-Early 2014,(Forgot when) Odyro decided to leave the Mike community permanently but was disrupted when Burt the Sysadmin convinced Twitch to give up permanent broadcast recording saves, causing a purge on all users past streams. Mikes and some of Ambush Bugs streams were saved thanks to Odyro coming back(Even though AB had to restream some games because Twitch sucked a big one that day) and stayed for a little while longer.

He also managed to stream a few games from a couple of Touhou games and Suikoden.

Around 2015 though, Odyro eventually left the community a second time and as of time of this writing, it's been more permanent.

Name Odyro
Streaming channel(s) N/A(Closed them all down when left)
Streams on Unknown
Known for their Odyro of the Odyros, Bell peppers, Chihaya Kisaragi for avatar
Been streaming since 2013-2015
Even though he has left, people still remember him and talk about him a bit, whether because they miss him, wish him back, or remember good memories back in the day.

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