Popeye the sailor 2

Oh shit he's coming to get us

Popeye the Sailor Man is the supposed leader of the RUC.


Popeye is another member in the RUC, a troll group that Fat Albert created after being banned... the strange part is, according to their "lore", Albert himself isn't the leader of the group, but Popeye.

As far as I can gather reading through the RUC wiki (and making my own interpretation), Popeye is an insane genocidal maniac who goes after random groups of people, claiming them to be "demons," and goes on murderous rampages for "love and justice." He also carries around the "Whack-n-Jack," a spiked club, and calls it A FUCKING WEAPON OF PEACE.

He also has a thing against Asians, especially the Japanese but whatever he doesn't distinguish anyways.

But anyways, in relation to the chat (IE outside the "lore"):

Like the other "members" of the RUC, he just appears in the chat to make threats towards everyone and then gets banned afterwards. What's especially funny is how he, like the other members, just seem to tell Mike and the rest of the chat their plans for how they're going to kill Mike before actually "doing" it. Yeah, tell your arch nemisis your plans, that'll work out. But otherwise Nothing real special there.

Due to the RUC going on a hiatus for an unspecified amount of time, Popeye hasn't shown up for a while.

Early ActivityEdit

He has been going after Mike with other members of the Clan after the banhammer-ing of Fat Albert, who is another member of this weird clan thing

No one has any idea what the hell he's up to besides sending death threats to Mike and the moderators. We suspect he's plotting a grand scheme to destroy Mike's ability to stream, because that's usually what the clan's been talking about.

At another point he came to the chat again to talk after causing the stream to crash once. He and the rest of the clan decided to go after Betty Boop, who betrayed them, and for some reason it's Ambush Bug's fault.


-According to their wiki, Popeye once attacked a man named Mr. Jap for killing his parents

-In reality Mr. Jap was a Chinese Man on his way to work before getting assaulted and arrested by Popeye

-Popeye was caught in a car accident at the age of 2 which left him a scar under his hat

-That would explain why he's so insane