Postal Dude
Postal Dude
Discovered Bern's January 27th, 2015 Stream
Shtick Violent

Going Postal Over Trying to Live a Normal Day

Other stuff "I regret Nothing!"
Other attributes

Postal Dude is the main protagonist from the game Postal.

History Edit

He is a guy who tries to live his life normally but unexpected turns of events make him go postal.

He also has a wife on par with McWhimple's Wife which he had to do her chores for. Due to forgetting her Rocky Road on Friday, he attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head but survived. She left him while he was in the hospital for a day.

Eventually he escaped Paradise before it got nuked after having weird hallucinations and dealing with zombies and a cow demon. However he ended up getting into a car crash that left him in a 9 year coma thinking he was in the World of Postal 3 which turned out to be one big nightmare.

He woke up and went back to Paradise to look for his dog, Champ. He found out the radiation turned his dog into a giant and after a few days he managed to get a cure. After dealing with a lot of people, rednecks, survivalists, Underground gimps, a midget revolution, and his wife who attacked him three times(The third taking Champ and she turned into a demon) he eventually ran out of Paradise as it got nuked again, starting a new life. One presumes he's in less of a hellhole.

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