So there's RPGmaker, a program which allows you to create RPGs without coding or programming knowledge and shit. With enough experience you can go beyond just what the program provides for you, and end up hopefully creating a decent game with extra mechanics and stuff where you take advantage of several of the program's tools to create hopefully at least a decent game.

Then you got the horror games, which were cool at first because they weren't exactly "mainstream" when they first came up since they were HORROR GAMES made with RPGMAKER. So you were essentially using the program to create something it was not "made to create" or whatever, which a lot of people wanted to do, because you're using a bunch of the program's tools to do some fancy shit and make a non-RPG game because there were a lot of shitty RPGs made in it.

And then horror games started becoming popular, people thought they were being original by making generic horror following the same formulae of spooky haunted houses, abandoned hospitals, blah blah blah 2spooky can't see 3 feet in front of me because horror and blah blah blah. Now it's not really much of an original idea anymore because everyone and their mother is doing it and making the same generic boring shit with shallow ass characters and thinking "hey this is going to be a great game because it's a horror game made in RPGmaker it's never been done before except it's been done enough times to get a fucking facebook page for it." Horror games are like shit decorated with diamonds, tricking people into thinking they're good even though they're rotten to the core. Blatantly shitty RPGmaker games would be more tolerable because at least they're being honest about what they are, they aren't pretending to be a half decent game.

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Mike played a bunch of shitty horror games, some of them were painfully shitty, others were... sort of entertaining. But mostly they were shit, some were just less shit than others, most of them were shit covered in diamonds, some of the shit is more humble than others. Either way they're mostly shit.

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I'm gay for writing this