Real Albert (Full name thetotallyrealalbert and alternatively Fatal Bert) is a troll and former stream regular.


He began his trolling career in Mike's chat around 2013. He would say stupid, mildly insulting things and be generally annoying with his broken English. He did not appear that often, though. After a month or two of talking in chat and repeating the same shtick he left for a short period.

He returned, but with a much different demeanor. He reformed himself to be more intelligent and civilized. He started to talk about his new hobbies such as books and tea. This did not last long before another major change occurred in his life.

At this point the posh version of Al began to go into fits and regress back to his old, stupid self. He would usually start out smart, then typed out some noise as he was presumably having some form of stroke, then be transformed into the past version of himself until transforming back. Posh Albert would have no memory of what happened while he was dumb Albert and vice versa. Posh Albert became increasingly upset by these fits as they became more frequent. After a month or so of this happening he left the streams to receive mental help.

After a long break, Albert returned in chat as Fatal Bert in mid 2015. This only lasted a few days, because when he made a few over the line jokes he was banned from Mike's chat and left once more.


At first his shtick was that he said the type of thing Fat Albert would say, but extremely poorly spoken and exaggerated. He would claim to be the true and honest Fat Albert. He was somewhat angry and would attempt to argue with people.

After that he was much more gentlemanly and intelligent. He mostly talked about the fancy things he was doing and would get slightly offended by Mike's commentary.

Then he would switch between his first two personalities. His stupid side was less like Fat Albert and started to say neutral things about what was relevant. His smart self said talked less about posh things and was more worried about his transformations.

When he went by the name Fatal Bert he was once again neutral with almost thing having to do with Fat Albert. Now he did not insult people and was more reasonable. He was brutally honest about his feelings and had plebby interests (such as talking about first person shooters and old games being shitty). He was a little bit edgy, but with the intent of being cool and funny. His grammar was better than his first personality, but still sub-par.


-He's definitely not Vincent

-In his Fatal Bert arc he would appear in other people's stream chats, including Xero and Spot

-He also infiltrated Purity's stream chat in 2015

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