Stream Character
Name Reisen Udongein Inaba
Origin Touhou 8: Imperishable Night
Introduced in Comments in the Radioactive Uber Clan wiki.
Features emojis, general peppiness, star of her own game "Reisen Quest"
Skills Being bullied by the chat
Reisen (Full name Reisen Udongein Inabais) is a stream regular that became popular in 2015.

Personality Edit

She is usually quiet and nice.

History Edit

She made herself known through making incredibly funny comments on the RUC's wiki with odd Japanese emoticons. She has lurked Mike's and other's streams for a while and shows up periodically. She would post emoticons and get teased by the chat for having a name that looks similar to "Raisin".

Mike took an interest in her to the point of creating a segment of his stream called "Reisen Quest" where he draws stuff happening to Reisen and the chat decides what happens next.

Trivia Edit

-Her character comes from the Touhou series, which means of course that she is a fan of Touhou.

-She is a moon rabbit

-Can't confirm this, but I have a feeling Mike's chat has a fetish for purple-skinned legless lolis. Reisen should stay as far as away as possible.


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