Stalin wallpaper
Name Soviet Steve
Streaming channel(s)
Streams on No set schedule
Known for their Communism, drunkenness, knowledge of history, wonderful works of art
Been streaming since 2013-ish (he never saves his streams) Irregular.

Soviet Steve is a chat regular that has been around for while.

History Edit

He has been talking in chat since the beginning of the streams.

Mike didn't take him seriously and often used him as a gag character for the amusement of the stream. Eventually Mike grew to respect him and he mellowed out and became less politically active. He was one of the earliest users to be a mod along with Hatter.

As time went on, his political references were replaced with sexual innuendos.

Personality Edit

Steve, like Hatter, is one of the few viewers that is somewhat level-headed and mature. He is sarcastic and cynical when he's not making jokes.


Steve is also a brilliant artist, you may see his fantastic works below.

Famous worksEdit


-Steve loves to make excellent sex jokes, all of which are original and varied and impossible to sum up in a few standard templates.

-He opposes capitalism completely, in line with his name and appearance 

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