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Name SpotXSpot
Streaming channel(s) and (after-stream)
Streams on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 PM CST
Known for their Dr. Who showcasings, voicework, taste in weird fiction and literature 
Been streaming since June 2014

Spot (Full name SpotXSpot) is a stream regular who is known for his streams and his voice.

Personality Edit

He has a calm and dry personality. He doesn't make jokes very often and prefers to say honest observations.

Streams Edit

He streams every Friday and Saturday with the occasional stealth stream whenever he feels like it.

Trivia Edit

-He is known for his somewhat British voice (He blames all the Dr. Who he watched)

-He's a bit of a fanboy for old Doctor Who

-He got his accent from watching Doctor Who

-He is actually from Central America

-He does readings of various authors he likes from time to time and does a pretty good job at it as well

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