Over the course of 2013's later half, Ambush Bug (neé Joker) began his own series of solo streams on With his recent move to hitbox (and conspicuous lack of activity as of early 2014), the backlog of twitch streams is set to remain unaltered, and so this list intends to provide a better picture of the streams that were brought to fruition during that time.

How this list worksEdit

Each entry has the stream video's twitch ID (to get to the video page, the URL is[twitch ID]), the date and time at which it began broadcast, taken from twitch, and a recount of the stream's contents. Occasions where the stream cut unexpectedly thus creating multiple videos has the multiple IDs and dates listed under a single entry, with [stream cut] separating the content that occurred before and after this cutoff.

August 2013
Twitch ID Date and Time Contents
446394599 Thu Aug. 15th 21:44:11 GMT-5 Monaco.
449457779 Wed Aug. 21st 22:00:16 GMT-5 Organ Trail, Red Dwarf.
451556499 Sun Aug. 25th 22:44:58 GMT-5 New Super Marisa Land, Black communist singer , CWC videos, hero, return to game, visit to CWCki, look at Luthiers video, Hank Hill YTPs, Father Ted YTP.

452032921 and 452101699

Mon Aug. 26th 21:19:07 GMT-5 and Tue Aug. 27th 00:30:48 GMT-5

NSML (SMD yell at 1:47:27) [stream cut] NSML cont'd, Ashens Game Child review, legendary fedora quote, YTPs: Can you Handle More, Dialbort, Sanic fanfic, Pumkin, Hank Hill YTPs, Les Mis YTP, Good Eats.

453593443 and 453648348

Thu Aug. 29th 23:49:08 GMT-5 and Fri Aug. 30th 03:04:51 GMT-5

Broken Sword revisited [stream cut] Steve's Betapedia album, animeshop imgur links.
September 2013
Twitch ID Date and Time Contents

455121724 and 455236693

Sun Sept. 1st 21:35:13 GMT-5 and Mon Sept. 2nd 03:36:56 GMT-5

Snatcher, Steve chat about anime perversions with cartoon background, Sakuracon commercial [stream cut] Last story.

455632328 and 455662205

Mon Sept. 2nd 21:28:05 GMT-5 and Mon Sept. 2nd 23:53:09 GMT-5

NSML [stream cut]  NSML Cont'd and beaten, reading of bizarre japanese ceremony story, Mormonism YTP.

458168473 and 458201589

Sun Sept. 8th 02:22:57 GMT-5 and Sun Sept. 8th 03:47:16 GMT-5

David memorial, NSML red stars revisited [stream cut] NSML cont'd, American Bouillabaisse Good Eats.
458681673 Sun Sept. 8th 22:51:19 GMT-5 Another David memorial, Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, Everything is Terrible, Good Eats devil's food cake, dark chocolate.

459136008 and 459189320

Mon Sept. 9th 21:44:11 GMT-5 and Tue Sept. 10th 00:27:13 GMT-5

AB game voice clip reel, Star Trek: Borg, Mormon YTP, Jehovah's Witness, Doctor Who MVs, Ashens Star Wars tat, Good Eats [stream cut] End of Good Eats, cigar video.
461091597 Fri Sept. 13th 23:42:12 GMT-5 NSML again, racist radio rap battle, Good Eats.
462183977 Sun Sept. 15th 21:58:05 GMT-5 Alone in the Dark, brony WW2 RD photoshop reference , Bros react to Variety Magazine , odd reading, Good Eats.
462608773 Mon Sept. 16th 21:51:01 GMT-5 NSML again, Ambition YTP watch attempt, Ashens plastic horse, Good Eats, assorted Alton Brown videos.
464540257 Mon Sept. 23rd 21:54:59 GMT-5 More NSML, Kamen Rider eps. 7-13.
465280489 Thu Sept. 26th 21:37:04 GMT-5 More NSML, Yatterman, Kamen Rider eps. 14 & 15, Good Eats, cigar video.
465551022 Fri Sept. 27th 21:42:15 GMT-5 Broken Sword end.

466135667 and 466168924

Sun Sept. 29th 21:40:56 GMT-5 and Mon Sept. 30th 00:48:02 GMT-5

Ashens super heroes, electronic tat, uncanny shit, Alton Brown on Sesame Street, Hands resist him, Crash Bandicoot [stream cut] Crash Bandicoot end, Good Eats.

466390104 and 466420914

Mon Sept. 30th 21:41:19 GMT-5 and

Tue Oct 1st 00:16:59 GMT-5

Crash Bandicoot 2 [stream cut] Crash Bandicoot 2 con'td and end, Good Eats.

October 2013
Twitch ID Date and Time Contents
467193850 Thu Oct 3rd 21:49:26 GMT-5 Ode to Simon Blackquill, Crash Bandicoot 3.
468077191 Sun Oct. 6th 22:13:12 GMT-5 Alone in the Dark 2, Kamen Rider eps. 16 & 17, brony class presentation, cigar video.
468332665 Mon Oct. 7th 21:43:43 GMT-5 Alone in the Dark 3, Kamen Rider eps. 18-20.

469134844 and 469141800

Thu Oct. 10th 21:19:32 GMT-5 and Thu Oct. 10th 21:50:18 GMT-5 Stream Riders fanart , Phantasmagoria [stream cut] Phantasmagoria cont'd, cigar video.
470045604 Sun Oct. 13th 22:11:41 GMT-5 Phantasmagoria game overs, Phantasmagoria: Puzzle of Flesh, Dino Riders, classic cringe, real nigguh , horse lovers, pokemon retsupuraes, legolas fanfic, witch king scene.
470313737 Mon Oct. 14th 21:53:59 GMT-5 Elvira: Mistress of the Dark with Skype group chat, eventual return to twitch chat, Tales from the Crypt Beauty Rest, House of Horror, Strung Along, Carrion Death, Death of Some Salesmen, cigar video.
471431011 Fri Oct. 18th 21:51:08 GMT-5 The Uninvited, dA magic hours, Twilight Zone One for the Angels, Five Characters in Search of an Exit, Where is Everybody?, Once Upon a Time, No Time Like the Present, cigar video.
472077519 Sun Oct. 20th 21:39:05 GMT-5 White Day (Korean Amnesia clone), chat with Nox about shitty game systems, coke world tasting room, David fanart showcase, commercials, Tanic, Live action Sanic, Needlemouse Sanic.
472354884 Mon Oct. 21st 21:47:20 GMT-5 It Came From the Desert, Triffid awareness, Maximum Overdrive, Sanic convention cringe, Hedgehog in the Fog, unknown cigar stuff.
473217621 Thu Oct. 24th 21:29:02 GMT-5 It Came From the Desert II, Atomic Rulers, Blake the Hedgehog, 9/11 furry art, classic cringe, dA 9/11 brony art, foam adventure, kid threatens David Duke, lady fucks the Eiffel tower, LET'S KILL THE HATER , creepy white boys rapping, trippy vidya, dubs, spongebob style, chris chan house tour takedown demand, CG furry vore, Skippy in love, mascot training, cigar video.
475107929 Wed Oct. 30th 20:46:16 GMT-6 LoL, Organ Trail, Day of the Triffids, H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlathotep, In the Mouth of Madness, reading of The Unnamable .
November 2013
Twitch ID Date and Time Contents
476492875 Sun Nov. 3rd 21:53:59 GMT-6 Curse of Monkey Island.
477686151 Thu Nov. 7th 22:07:24 GMT-6 Escape from Monkey Island, Sanic list, infomercial cringe.

478950222 and 478995533

Mon Nov. 11th 21:34:23 GMT-6 and Tue Nov. 12th 01:15:54 GMT-6 Corpse Killer, infomercials, brony cringe, pony confessions tumblr, when fur is rubbed the wrong way , forest fires are magic, genesis of chris chan, liquid chris saga [stream cut] Continuation and end of liquid chris saga, chris chan 9/11 empathy video.
479239975 Tue Nov. 12th 22:02:53 GMT-6 Lawnmower Racing Mania 2007, brony cringe, deviantart LoL skins, beta autism cringe, long cringe playlist, bulletballanime club , TJ call-in, kehtahnuh, minecraft with gadget .
481082666 Mon Nov. 18th 22:12:55 GMT-6 Kamen Rider ZO, Kamen Rider eps. 21-24 Kamen Rider Black comparison, Furries: inside look.
481962665 Thu Nov. 21st 22:22:21 GMT-6 Snow Day: The GapKids Quest, assorted cringe, everything is terrible, brony class presentation.

482743869 and 482749284

Sun Nov. 24th 21:16:10 GMT-6 and Sun Nov. 24th 21:46:27 GMT-6 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 [stream cut] UMK3 Cont'd, girl performs discord, spoderman, crystals video, Django (1966), LoL failed attempt.
482966541 Mon Nov. 25th 21:43:47 GMT-6 Sewer Shark, Death Rides a Horse (1967), For a Few Dollars More
December 2013
Twitch ID Date and Time Contents
484371831 Sun Dec. 1st 22:51:30 GMT-6 Flying boobies , Mortal Kombat II, cigar video.
484573178 Mon Dec. 2nd 21:39:15 GMT-6 Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, brony cringe, shooting old MLP toy, rat on shoulder, brony class presentation, rainbow factory sing along, TJ summoning, little filly, brony carpool sing along, super saiyan kid, Tales from the Crypt: Maniac at Large, The Pit (feuding women), cigar video.
485256969 Thu Dec. 5th 21:36:01 GMT-6 LoL Wukong presentation, BB:LiT cont'd, Spearhead from Space, brony cringe, another class presentation, vinesauce sanic/pikachu sims.
486278073 Mon Dec. 9th 21:33:03 GMT-6 Mourning of friend's mom's death, BB:LiT, Furfagottry, anime cringe, the good the bad and the furry, idiots attempt to squash spider, Oily Tom, jehovah's indoctrinating animation, Small Son and Large Father, Bee and Puppycat, ELECTION DEBATE 2012, Doctor Lollipop, Cartoon Hangover, LoL, 911 mishaps, schizophrenic Arbuckle , more furry cringe.
487800661 Sun Dec. 15th 21:18:53 GMT-6 BB:LiT, MXC, creepy stories, brony cringe, rarity AU clopfic.
488031956 Mon Dec. 16th 21:22:02 GMT-6 Ashens Doctor Who blind bag, disturbing clopfics, pony thread simulator, BB:LiT, Steve AoStH link, FineGameGirls video, Ibun Sarutobi Sasuke (1965), assorted cringe, nosleep podcast stories, cigar video.
488782386 Thu Dec. 19th 21:23:00 GMT-6 Fat Albert /co/ thread, BB:LiT, brony cringe, cigar stuff, nosleep podcast, anime class presentation, MTV ridiculousness, cringe playlist, cigar video.
489555083 Sun Dec. 22nd 21:21:45 GMT-6 Fedora tip, Krampusmas, BB:LiT, Ashens christmas special, christmas creepypasta, Krampuspasta, Krampus lore, Godzilla NES creepypasta, brony cringe, creepy christmas eve story, mad scientist shit, mr. bones, vinesauce christmas.

489802768 and 489815688

Mon Dec. 23rd 21:55:58 GMT-6 and Mon Dec. 23rd 23:02:16 GMT-6 NES Die Hard, Ashens advent calendar, christmas tat, poundland specials, Bern video [stream cut] Return to Ashens christmas, Haunter of the Dark audiobook.
491216150 Sun Dec. 29th 21:44:46 GMT-6 Lag Souls, 4chan pony threads, retsupurae comment simulator, dork souls RP, more Lag Souls.

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