"Take it Easy!"
Discovered Late August 2015 Streams.
Shtick Bouncing Touhou Heads

2chan Meme Robotic Voices

Other stuff Can be pets.
Other attributes
Yukkuris are a Touhou meme turned Stream character/meme.

History Edit

Mike was looking through videos one night and stumbled across Japanese Minecraft LPs consisting of hyperactive yukkuris of several Touhou characters speaking fast. This got Mike wondering what these things were.

When Mike found out more about the Yukkuris, he looked up more about them. Eventually he was sent a game involving raising his own Yukkuris. This lead to Mike (unintentionally) abusing a Cirno Yukkuri and almost drowned a Sakuya yukkuri. Mike felt so guilty he eventually released the Sakuya Yukkuri back into the wild before a lot of others went to him calling him "father". Mike also got a voice clip of them screaming.

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